Aurea Biolabs is focused on nutraceutical product development, extraction, isolation and formulation of bio-active ingredients from spices and other natural extracts. Sustainable and traceable raw material sourcing with a long history of partnership relationship with growers. Aurea Biolabs has a strong pipeline of nutraceutical application driven products in various phases of R&D.

Our team comprises of doctorates, post-graduate scientists from multiple disciplines along with an application team comprising of chefs and food application specialists. Our research and development initiatives are directed towards value added products and process innovation and consists of state of the art laboratories, instrumentation such as HR MS-QTOF, GCMS/MS, LC MS/MS, UHPLC, HPLCs, pilot scale plants etc.


  • Consists of Turmeric, Curcuminoids and Asafoetida. Supports intestinal health, restores its microbiome, and promotes the growth of healthy intestinal microflora. Increases mucosal resistance and improves immunity against toxins. Increases the vital activity of pancreatic lipase and amylase enzymes. The synergistic action of the active ingredients in ACTBIOME® ensures an overall intestinal balance and a strong, healthy immune system.


  • A unique formula containing natural ingredients that have been clinically proven effective. Manufactured using Polar / NonPolar sandwich panel technology (PNS, patent pending). Contains: Curcuminoids Bio-3-o-acetyl-11-keto beta boswelic acid (AKBA), Beta-caryophyllene. Maintains the structural integrity and mobility of the articular cartilage. Rejuvenates articular cartilage by inhibiting the activity of 5-lipoxygenase. Supports joint mobility.


  • The product is a complete turmeric matrix isolated from the fruit root. This unique, standardized formulation has clinically demonstrated superior potency and unparalleled bioavailability compared to other turmeric ingredients. Patent pending. Curcuminoid content min. 45%. Supports joint health, promotes active longevity, improves cognitive function, promotes better recovery from exercise, and reduces muscle soreness.


  • Turmeric extract with high bioavailability. Colorless, odorless and tasteless. Recommended for use in bakery and confectionery industries. For preparing drinks, milk, ice cream, noodles, functional bars.


  • 100% bioactive plant complex produced using Polar / NonPolar (PNS) sandwich panel technology. Fitnox® consists of Moringa oleifera leaf extract, pomegranate extract, Kempferia fine-flowered extract with methoxyflavones from black ginger. Increases nitric oxide levels, maintains the balance of minerals in the body.


  • Ginger complex isolated from the root. Staying true to Ayurvedic principles, Ginactiv® focuses on all the nutrients in the ginger root, not just one bioactive substance. The product is manufactured using PNS technology. The non-polar part consists of ginger, essential oils; the polar portion consists of the ginger fiber / protein extract. Gingerols are sandwiched between these two layers to aid the transfer of bioactive components across membrane lipids. It has been clinically proven that PNS technology improves the bioavailability and effectiveness of various biologically active substances without the use of excipients or solubilizing agents. Health Benefits: Active longevity, aids digestion, and supports immune system and heart health.


  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin Complex. Lutein ester is derived from calendula (Tagetes erecta) flowers with guaranteed purity. Helps protect the macula from harmful UV radiation by reducing free radical damage to the eyes. Lutent® is a powerful natural eye health care product. It is formulated using Zeal® technology, which includes certain plants and phospholipids to encapsulate active molecules. Zeal® Technology has shown an increase in the bioavailability of a variety of biologically active substances. Contains 10% stabilized lutein.


  • The product is a black pepper phytocannabinoid. It has an analgesic effect through the endocannabinoid pathways and has an agonistic effect on CB2 receptors. Rephyll® is a patented innovation that incorporates black pepper terpenes (sourced from plants such as Piper Nigrum) using Zeal® Technology's patented powder liposomal delivery platform. Rephyll® acts as a selective binder for the CB2 receptor, a therapeutic target for inflammation. Also has antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

Zeal® Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C produced using Zeal® Technology. Vitamin C supports many metabolic enzymes, increases the body's antioxidant potential, and thus helps maintain healthy immunity. The bioavailability of the product is 6 times higher. Recommended for powdery forms. Increased stability. Wide range of applications.