Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise that concentrates on the research, development, production and application of probiotics and its derivatives. The company aims to provide beneficial microorganism strains (powder), derivatives and ODM/OEM turnkey solutions for food(functional food, fermented food, catering food, leisure food, etc), food supplement, precision medicine, daily chemical, agricultural microecology, ecological protection and other fields.

More than 7000 probiotic strains, including nearly a hundred industrial probiotic strains with distinct functions, stable characteristics and national intellectual property.

  • Patented probiotic powder technology of high density, high activity and stability.
  • Patented technology to ensure high adhesion of Lactobacillus to intestinal epithelial cells.
  • Probiotic powder products with stable activity, clear functions.
  • Probiotic products that meet various functional requirements.
  • DVS starter cultures and biological preservation cultures suitable for fermentation products such as yoghurt and drinks.
  • Crude Lactobacillus fermentation liquid and fruit and vegetable fermentation liquid.

Five technology platforms for probiotic powder research and a large-scale intelligent manufacturing system have been created, including WecLac®, WecTech®, WecPro®, WecCul®, WecSimTM.

The products are available in the form of ingredients as well as in the form of final products (powder, granules, tablets, capsules).