Natural ingredients with proven efficacy by Sibelius Natural Products (United Kingdom)

Company Sibelius Natural Products

Sibelius Natural Products was founded in 2015. Company deals with development, production and supply of natural health ingredients for dietary supplements, functional food and beverages. Ingredients offered have solid scientific base, efficacy for the health is proven by clinical researches. Studies conducted at the Oxford University formed the basis of the company.

CogniSage™ - branded dried sage extract (Salvia officinalis L.)

  • Positive effect on mental activity of young people, stimulates cognitive function
  • Improves memory and focus among elderly people
  • Assumes an increase in life extension by 10-15% (proven in a study using the patented Chronoscreen® technology). The biological activity of each batch is tested by the effect on the life extension of model organisms (in vivo)
  • It has a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effect. In vitro studies have been conducted.

Sibelius:LactoMato™ - branded, scientifically evidenced and clinically proven natural Lycopene Complex

Specially developed to support cardiovascular and prostate health and promote healthy sperm function*. Sibelius™:LactoMato’s patented, proprietary formulation, consists of a complex of natural lycopene and whey protein, which provides enhanced bioavailability and efficacy.