Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L. is a privately-owned Spanish company that develops, and manufactures differentiated natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence. Pharmactive makes these innovative ingredients available to other companies in the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Industries for marketing/distribution.


  • 1st Saffron Extract (Saffron; Crocus Sativus L.) to improve mood. DNA, Halal, Kosher certified. Standardized for Lepticrosalides ≥3.5%. Highly stable ingredient. International patent valid. 5 clinical studies have been carried out. High bioavailability. Dose: 28 mg / day. Produced according to the patented AFF ON COOL-Tech extraction technology, which concentrates and preserves active substances in their natural form. Affron® helps with symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression. The product also improves the quality of sleep.


  • Natural product (Olea europaea L.) for the prevention of infectious diseases, colds, flu. Isolated from olive leaves. Source of neuraminidase inhibitors, which are recommended by WHO for the fight against viral infections. Standardized for Elenolic acid (ELA) ≥4% (component of olive oil, olive leaf). ELA is the main antimicrobial active ingredient in olive leaves. Numerous studies have shown the product's antimicrobial activity, including viruses (influenza A, B and parainfluenza 1,2,3) and bacteria. Dose: 150mg / day.


  • Natural extract number 1 to support sexual performance. Isolated from Damiana (Turnera diffusa) leaves. Confirmed EFSA Brands: Aphrodisiac and Sexual Disorder Treatment. Supports sexual appetite. Standardized by total number of proven bioflavonoids (HPLC). Dose: 300 mg / day.


  • Unique extract of olive leaves (Olea europaea L.), double standardized for oleuropein (20%) and bioflavonoids (2%). Immunity enhancing ingredient. Antimicrobial functions, immunomodulator. Confirmed EFSA Brands: Strengthens the physiological resistance of the body in harsh environmental conditions. Helps the upper respiratory tract. Dose: 300 mg / day.

The above ingredients have a solid scientific backing.